Been to same shop 3 times for same problem, not sure what to do

Hey Everyone, Thanks for your help. For an update:
The reason it was overheating was because the heater hose burst and so they replaced that. When I brought back the a/c for them to check they dye for leaks, they couldn’t find anything. About a week goes by and it starts blowing hot and I bring it back and they say it’s the evaporator core and cost a few hundred more then what the first shop quoted.

So I took it back to the first shop and they replaced the evaporator core and it seems to be working good, but it feels like it’s only blowing cold when the car is moving, and when it’s stationary at lights it’s blowing room temperature.

I’m kind of losing my mind a little bit, its like no matter what I do and what they fix it doesn’t fix it and I just have another problem and have to spend more money.

At this point I don’t think I’m going to repair it any further. If it breaks down I’ll just sell it as is or to a junk shop.

Do any of the shop’s involved have a steering theory how any of this could be related to the stalling symptom?

I told them everything that was wrong with and they just had me replace the alternator, a/c condenser and evaporator. They didn’t mention anything else, but I haven’t had any stalling problems since I took it in and they replaced the heater hose.

May have been the alternator was causing the stalling problem then. In any event, no stalling now. Good for you. AC problems can indeed be frustrating to solve, at least from the reports we get here.