Bee smoke in my car - What to do?



Approxiamately 2 weeks ago a swarm of bees decided to suddenly make my car a new hive. They entered from the vents and a local beekeeper came and tried to capture and smoke them out. In doing this, he smoked up my car! What can I do to get the smoke out? It’s already been detailed and filters changed, Febreezed (many times) but each time we start the car…poof another big whiff of that stuff enters in. Any help is appreciated!


Perhaps a beekeeper’s forum would be a good source of information on this. I’m sure they must have some tricks.


Call one of the fire restoration pros in your area (I have had experience with ServePro). They should be able to take care of it. I believe the usual solution is an industrial ozone generator.


A detail shop could hook up an ozone machine, it might help.


thank you. Funny how the body shop that had the car detailed did not suggest this. I’ll have to look into it more.