Beautiful car

My wife and I were out today, and as we stopped for a light, we pulled up next to a gleaming new 4 door sedan, which was probably the most nicely styled 4 door sedan I’ve ever seen. I’m staring hard trying to figure out what the car was, and finally I see “Arteon”. I keep investigating and finally I see VW on the trunk. I think VW has a winner here.

It doesn’t do that much for me . But the interior is really nice .

Pretty much a sales flop:
Volkswagen Arteon Sales (

Yesterday, I went to the local Albertsons, and when I was pushing my empty shopping cart back to the corral, I saw an elderly couple pulled up in an early-1990’s Chevrolet Corsica in bright red, in mint condition. I was happy to see such a car, still on the road, and in such great condition. So what about this VW you speak of?

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The Chevrolet Corsica was junk the day it was built. This VW conveyed a sense of class and importance.

VW’s latest attempt at a sleeker Passat.

I know which car I’d rather be seen in…
1992 Corsica brochure
In fact, when I was in high school, and during my young adult years, these were ubiquitous. I could not walk outside without seeing several of them. Now, they are exceedingly rare, especially in good condition.

I think almost all large sedans are flops these days. Toyota will even stop producing the Avalon.

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The last iteration of the Lincoln Continental was discontinued a year or two (or three?) ago. Ford has essentially stopped making sedans. The Chevy Impala is also gone (just when GM finally got it “right” :smirk:), and so is the Buick LaCrosse. I may be mistaken, but I think I recall reading that the Chevy Malibu will be discontinued. With the exception of the Chrysler 300 and a couple of Caddy models, it looks like the only sedans left on the US market are foreign-made mid-sizes and econoboxes and a few luxo-barges from MB, BMW, and Lexus.

Am I forgetting any American sedans that are still made?

I can’t think of one.

I thought the last generation of the Impala was a very good car. It was neck and neck between an Impala LT and the Accord EX-L I bought in 2017.

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Dodge Charger’s still around, selling as many in the first 3 months of the year as the 300 does in an entire year. Local Chrysler dealer’s mainly selling Jeeps these days with the occasional Pacifica on the lot.

Too bad the Pacifica isn’t selling well. It’s a great minivan. Chargers sell well because the buyer can get a hemi in it. Otherwise, it would be toast too.


Lots of police Chargers, too.

I imagine if GM marketed a retro styled rear wheel drive impala with a supercharged 6.2 they’d sell a few. My in-laws had a near last gen Impala. I liked my old Lesabre better. Trans went out on their Impala at relatively low miles. They have a turbo powered accord now (which I like better than my old Buick)!

Modern SUV’s (many of them) are just bulky sedans with a third row and a hatch anyway. No real reason to own a large sedan unless the styling is preferable (and it isn’t to most people, apparently).

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At least in the first quarter of this year they’re close to the sales of Toyota or Honda minivan’s. But that’s another segment that’s a smaller share of the market than it used to be.

They basically did that with the SS. It isn’t build anymore. That is possibly due to Holden shutting down in Australia, where the SS was built. If the Commodore SS had been popular enough, GM would have switched production to another plant, possibly in South Korea.

I think Doug Demuro did a video on that car

About 5 years ago, NJ bought a bunch of those SS sedans for police work, but they are outnumbered by the Explorer/Interceptor police vehicles that are essentially the standard police vehicle in this area nowadays.