the front of the car soonds like wheels are rubbing and thumping.someone tried to help change the routors but could not remove a bolt that held rotors on sooo is it possible the bearings got damaged and what does it sound like when bearings go out and should i b driving

Make, model, year, miles, etc? A sign of failing front wheel bearings is a change in the pitch or volume of the sound when the steering wheel is turned off-center when driving (i.e changing lanes). Did the sound occur before or after the attempt to change the rotors? It might be best to have it towed to an independent mechanic for a proper evaluation.

Ed B.

It definitely needs to be checked out by a competent mechanic. And towing is always prudent with anything that MIGHT be a safety issue until the problem is diagnosed.

Yes, you can damage your wheel bearings trying to remove a rotor. Especially if your mechanic tends to grab hammers when things don’t just come apart. Bearings going bad make a growl at lower speeds to a whine at higher speeds. Driving along a wall can help amplify the sound and help you determine which side is failing. If you can’t diagnose it yourself, get it to a mechanic SOON. Failure while driving can lead to very bad results.

Most likely a Honda product and the guy couldn’t get the phillips screw out holding the rotor in.

Honda? Why Honda? Why not a 95 Jeep instead? That would be my guess.

If it is the Phillips screw problem, been there, done that. VW Rabbit. I had good luck using a manual impact driver, an inexpensive gadget you put a Phillips head bit in it, then hit the gadget with a hammer, frees that stubborn rotor-holding-screw most every time. Sometimes the rotor still won’t come off without add’l persuasion, often involving heat, but at least the screw is removed.