Bearings and sensors

hey all. Just replaced the ball joint and wheel bearimg (drivers size). Now I have my check engine light, ABS light, cruise control, hill assist light all on…AND my fan is running constantly. Help a grandma out!!!

Take it back to whoever did the work. They should not have returned it to you in this condition.

Husband did the work. He’s never had an issue like this.

Did he disconnect the battery when he did the work? He might need to contact the dealer and find out how to reset the ECU.

The ABS light, cruise control, and hill assist lights could all be attributed to the wheel bearing replacement, but the check engine light and constantly-running fan would not be. That’s why I wondered about the battery having been disconnected during the work.

I’ll ask him. I’ve read that unplugging battery and leaving it for 15 min or so maybe reset it in other words. Worth a shot maybe?

Yup. Let us know how you make out.

what year car? how many miles. did the bearing come out easy or was it rusted/fused into spindle? depends on age and salt spray sometimes. that being said, the new bearing should just slide into place and plug into wire harness.

Its a 2016 with 124,000 miles (yea its a world record. I do travellimg hospice). He replaced the entire hub assembly. The bearing didn’t need to be pressed. 4 bolts to take it off the knuckle and knocked it right out.

he’s thinking it might be the ring that’s on the drive axle getting bent very slightly?

A check engine light (CEL) will set off all those other lights. It’s a new way to get your attention so you don’t ignore the CEL. First step is to get the code read and report it here. Without the code, you and us are just stumbling around blindly.

bearing is in spindle. balljoint is in spindle bottom or a-arm? cant recall how subaru did it in 2016. changing 2 things could require a bit of pounding? removing ball joint nut sometimes is tight. more chances something got banged.

Is it your radiator fan that is running all the time now? On my Corolla there’s a temp sensor for the fan and if I accidentally disconnect that sensor, the fan runs all the time. Maybe something like that, a coolant sensor was accidentally left disconnected. I don’t know if that would cause the other problems, but it might fix the fan problem.