Beam wiper blades vs. Traditional wiper blades


On our cars, I’ve stuck with OEM blades and just replaced the inserts as needed with no issues.


What kind of cars do you have that don’t allow the wipers to be replaced?


Walmart used to carry replacement inserts, but discontinued few year ago in my area.
I switched to Amazon and RockAuto, still can get them for reasonable price.
Here is for example where to find them at RockAuto:,wiper+blade+refill,26"+blade+refill,1000217

I hate sending perfectly good wiper hardware to landfill, so it is not only a price consideration.


Rock auto’s prices are noticeably less expensive for the inserts compared to my local auto parts place. Good idea, it makes sense for me to include a couple extra sets of wiper inserts whenever ordering something from there.


yep, doing the same