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Beach Vehical

What is the best vehical to drive on the beach in NJ

A VW-based dune buggy with high floatation tires.

Or a hummer. A real hummer. Hummers (H1’s) were designed to invade hostile countries without regard to the existance (or lack of) roads.

Remember, you said nothing in your post about efficiency, affordability, or utility for any other purpose.

Before you spend any money on your beach vehicle, you should check statutes regarding driving on the beach in the area where you intend to drive.

H1’s came as a convertible, you know. Definitely beach material!

Is it still legal to drive on the beach in NJ?

There is no “best” vehicle to drive on the beach, no matter where you are. Anything you drive on the beach will cause ecological damage. Big time.

How about walking on the beach?

If you must drive, find the smallest, lightest vehicle you can think of. Then leave it in the parking lot and WALK on the beach.

Something with really tough tires. All those syringes will make a mess of regular tires! And don’t forget high ground clearance, for when you encounter someone that Tony S. had a pointed disagreement with. :slight_smile:

I see that you have visited our beaches!



Volkswagen “Thing” With Fat Tires [/i][/b]

I know. Easier to mount your rocket launcher that way.

Is thast why H1s are still available in the Middle East and Africa?