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anyone know whats a good battery for a 2003 dodge neon

brand name and how many amps or size of battery thxs…

Lets see…

Start with Mopar, as that was the one that came with the car from the factory.
Then move on to Sears Diehard.
Then there’s A/C Delco.

And countless others.

And only in the original stock size.
They most likely all come in that size.
All will work fine.


I prefer to buy by price, but buy top of the line (more CCAs) if the store provides a choice. Nearly all of these have the same CCA and exceed the 450 OEM:
Kirkland, approx $60
Walmart, approx $77
O’Reilly, approx $80

Info I have says your Neon needs a 26R group battery size.

There are only a few manufacturers of batteries: Johnson Controls and Exide come to mind, but there may be one or two others. Batteries are heavy for their size and expensive to ship. Therefore, a battery with a particular in one part of the nation may be made by Johnson Controls and a battery with the same brand name in another part of the nation may be made by Exide.

I’ve always been satisfied with WalMart batteries and had one replaced under warranty with no questions asked.

If you want the very best, look into getting an Optima battery. Otherwise ordinary lead acid starting batteries for motor vehicle are pretty generic. If you park the vehicle for long periods of time, use a float charger or a maintainer. Also, don’t deep cycle your starting type battery and it should give you five or more years of service. $70/5 = $14 per year which is inexpensive!

ok thanks for info i bought a ad/delco battery …