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Lawn Mower Battery Question

Getting the mower ready for spring, the battery is 10 years old and a little weak. So went down to Wal Mart where I got the last one to check them out. They have the U1 size for $20 but not the N18L size that I need. Its about 2" wider. The size I currently use is around $100 from various places. I’m debating just cutting the hole a little bigger under the seat to fit the $20 battery in. Why would some of these batteries (like a motor cycle battery) be so much higher price?

You don’t have to go to Wal-Mart when there are Home Depots and Lowe’s and Many other places to buy batteries. Tractor Supply isn’t too high-priced. Any place that sells lawn tractorswill do. Price isn’t everything.

Sit down with phone book and call to find correct battery.
Cycle batteries are made different than lawn mower batteries.

What about O’Reillys Auto Parts? That’s where I bought my lawn tractor batteries and I think they have about 3 different sizes there. Surely one of those would be the one.

What really stuns me is that you have a lawn tractor battery that lasted for 10 years, which is an eternity on lawn tractor batteries. Many go belly-up within a year.

My suggestion is “Battery Plus” My local one stocks that battery and is cheaper than other sources.

I was going to mention Batteries Plus. If they don’t have the correct battery, I am sure they can get it. You can probably find it online cheaper, but then you will need to pay for shipping and probably take the old one to Batteries Plus to recycle it anyway.

Thanks. I can get the proper sized one, its just that its $100 versus $20 for the more standard size. I’m just not clear why I should pay $100 for a less powerful battery when the only difference is 2" in width.

Like ok4450 I got my last one at Advance Auto Parts. I’d certainly just suggest getting the right thing.

Is the amperage, voltage and posts all the same?

I can’t speak for the others, but I haven’t given up on the idea that you can find the right battery at the right price. You mentioned shopping at Walmart. Have you also looked at Home Depot and Lowes? Have you tried searching for your battery’s model number online? I believe if you keep looking, you will find the right battery at the right price. It won’t be what you paid 10 years ago, but nothing is the same price it was 10 years ago.

Here is the battery you want for $55, and that might include shipping.

I believe when it comes to automotive parts, you usually get what you pay for. I seriously doubt the $20 battery will do the same job. All automotive batteries have gone up in price, not just motorcycle batteries.

The battery your mower calls for is 275 amp. The $20 (actually $ 33.95) most places has less amps.

I don’t know. I bought my lawnmower in 97, Put in a new battery in 99 and its been there ever since. I haven’t tried it this year but it looks like I’ll find out this weekend.

Sears also has one at $51.29; order on line; free store delivery if your store doesn’t have it in stock.

Thanks for the comments. I got one the right size at Fleet Farm. It was $45 versus $25 but not enough difference to warrant modifying the basket. I guess this one is used on older models and snomobiles, jet skis, cycles, ATVs, etc. Actually the $25 one was a 330 CCA versus the 275. Really don’t see any difference in them except size. Think its a volume thing. They had maybe 10 of this size but a pallet load of the others.