Battery Toyota 4 runner 2002

I have a 2003 4 runner which is not driven very much (less than 20 miles a week). What is the best way to maintain the battery? How much and how often should it be driven to maintain a full charge?

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I’ve used the ‘Battery Tender by Deltran’ brand, available lots of places.

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20 miles a week should be enough to keep the battery charged. I try to drive my 2000 4Runner at least once every 2 weeks, and I’ve never had any problems keeping the battery charged. I get at least 10 miles of freeway driving when I drive it. I’m the original owner, it has 185,000 miles, it still has the original alternator, and the vehicle runs great.

You may find that one cold morning a battery this old can’t hack it anymore. I tested my Toyota’s battery at 9 years and it had very little reserve left. We often stay at cold mountain cabins and a good battery is a must there.