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2001 Pontiac Aztek - keeping the battery charged

I have MS and dont drive mr car much anymore. I also have an Interstate battery. How often do I have to run the car per month in order to keep the battery charged and how long should I run the car?

Rather than that you might want to look into having a battery tender installed. You plug it in and it will keep your battery charged.


I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I thought I should point out that some insurance policies give a discount for driving an unusually low number of miles per month. You might want to check into that if that’s becoming the case for you.

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If the battery is in good condition idling the engine for 15 minutes once a week would keep the battery charged I expect.

Wild ass guess, my moms car every month driven 20 miles or so worked fine for her.

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If I dont drive my car for a full week (at least once per day, regardless of the time of year), I still have to put it on a battery charger for at least 7 - 8 hours. I’ll drive the vehicle for 2-3 hours on the first day, then let the vehicle sit dormant for a week. then the battery is completely dead again. I’ve probably charged my battery at least 46 times over the past year. The battery is an International, which I got two years ago. None of the solutions you guys offered me will work, as I’ve already tried them all. You guys got any other good ideas? I’m thinking maybe the trickle charger may work…

I would go for a battery tender but a trickle charger will also work.

Have the vehicle tested for a parasitic current draw.



A car that’s been driven for two or three hours should easily be able to sit for a week or two. Either your battery is failing or you have a parasitic draw draining your battery. I suggest that you have your battery (and charging system) tested now as a starting point.


Thanks buddy, that’s exactly what I have scheduled at a place near my house that sells International batteries. That’s the one I have at present, but I have reason to believe it was defective when I first bought it. Thanks for your suggestion, as I was just looking for confirmation from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and NOT someone just trying to just blow smoke up my ass. I’m not THAT dumb, since I worked for Borg-Warner Automotive for 20 years in Bellwood, Illinois.

Thanks again!