Battery terminal stuck on battery post from deformed post



I bought this truck about a year ago and never bothered to look at the battery. The truck would not start this morning, I tested the battery and there was only 12.2 volt on the battery, so i went to take out the battery to try recharging it, then noticed the negative post was deformed enough to prevent me from getting the terminal off. I took off the positive terminal for now. Is there a safe way to fix the negative post so i can get the terminal off? Thanks in advance for any help


Can you charge it in the car?

Can you post a photo of how the post is deformed?


Remove the bolt from the clamp, spread the clamp with a screw driver.


That thoroughly confused me. A simple operation on standard posts and cable clamps.


@canadian1 Is your Honda still stuck on the hillside?


Battery posts are soft metal, so you can file them easily. You can also buy a terminal puller that might help.