Battery Sale!

This is a heads-up on a battery sale by one of Car Talk’s advertisers. (Their advertisements appear on the lower right-hand side of Car Talk’s forum pages — like the one you are reading now). If the advert does not appear on your screen, then I’ll just say the seller is a national chain of auto parts stores that sells advanced auto parts.

To receive a 20% to 25% discount on their batteries, enter BATX as the promo code when you order on-line for store pick-up. The offer expires 11/30/2011.

Their batteries are made by Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, WI. Johnson Controls is the largest of the three US battery makers and makes more than half of the car batteries sold in the US. (The other two battery manufactures are Exide and East Penn.)

Of hope this post does not break the forum’s posting rules, but I wanted to bring readers attention to what I think is a good deal if you need a battery for winter.

A month too late for me, since I already just purchased an advanced auto battery. Maybe your notice will help the next guy. Thanks.

I’m still on the original battery on my 05 4runner…but so far…it’s still going strong…

I sometimes discharge my battery through the dome light (for no good reason). So I am about due for another battery. We had frost here in northern Illinois last night; a cold winter is expected — about 50-60 inches of snow, about what we got last year.