Battery Question - 2008 Hyundai Elantra

I didn’t realize this the other day, but left the map light inside my car all night last night (Saturday). However the engine still started fine today when I did my errands. The engine was running for a total of about an hour today while I did my errands. I am just wondering how long it takes for the battery to recharge while the engine is running.

It can take several hours to completely charge a car battery. If you drive every day or two for 30 minutes or more it will eventually get a full charge.

Okay, thanks. I drive about 45 minutes one way to work so by the end of this week at the latest it should be recharged.

If the car started it doesn’t take long to charge the battery. It used to take at least 10.5 volts to turn the engine. You may have had more than that to start with. You ought to be alright.

It only takes a few minutes to restore the charge used previously in starting the car. That is really all you need. Anything beyond that builds up the charge, naturally. A single 45-minute drive will be ample to complete the job in one step. Nothing additional needs to be done.

I would not be concerned unless it gets really cold (<15F) where you live, that is when it really counts. It will charge in normal driving like others said.