Battery Problem

I have a 1995 OLDS 88LSS. I am the only owner and it has 115,000 miles on it. At 50,000 miles a new engine with 10,000 miles was put in. Currently I put about 3,000 miles a year on it. My problem is the positive battery cable keeps working lose and I can’t start the car until I tighten the connection.I’m on my second battery with this problem. I wrenched out the post on the prior battery by tightening too much. I’ve purchased a wrench to tighten this new battery and it works but I feel that eventually this terminal will also break. I’ve had a mechanic try to fix it but he can’t find anything wrong and sends me on my way. I’ve put new positive posts on the battery also but they haven’t worked either. The positive terminal will stay tight for about 10 days and then have to be tightened. The negative terminal doesn’t do this. HELP!

remove the lug from the terminal. What you describe sounds like the lug bolt is comming loose, not the post or the lead. The post will wear down over time, each time it gets cleaned to insure good contact, and the lug nut and lug bolt will get eaten up by acid and the lug will also wear with cleaning. I would clean the post, then put a new lug on the lead, and apply a drop of non-hardening locktight to the bolt before I tightened the nut. Then, I would coat the lug and post with a light coat of vasaline to prevent corrosion.

Is this a side terminal battery? If so, you may want to replace the bolt that holds the positive contact to the battery.

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yeah the op posted it twice, and has not replyed to any of the responses either. stuff happens, ya know?

I have dealt with the GM side terminal post and bolt since the very beginning, never had one that loosened by itself, now I have had plenty that would not come off normaly and had to be broken off. I was thinking of imobilizing the free hanging part of the cable by securing it with plastic cable ties.