Battery light

My granddaughter has a 93 toyota paseo, teh battery light came on but she kept driving until the car stopped. I had the battery checked and it did need replacing. The light is still on. I took the alternator in and had it tested and it passed. The light is still on. Can you give me help on this ?

Thanks Guarddog206

Get a charging system test done. This tests the battery, alternator, and charging circuit as the car runs. If there is a problem, it will point to it.

Did you replace the battery?

Sorry, Yes I Did with a top of the line battery.

Check to see if the connection between the alternator output and the positive battery post is good. There may be a blown fuse there. If that is ok then you need to check the small wires going to the alternator. They should have 12 volts on them if they are ok.