Battery Issues

I have a '93 ford thunderbird which has a little over 200K miles on it. It has a lot of custom replaced parts because its previous owner was enjoyed playing with it. However, now the battery keeps draining on me when the car is not running and nothing continues to run as best as we can tell. Even after long trips where the battery gets recharged it will be dead in about another hour. The alternator is only a few months old and so is the battery. I have taken it to mechanics and automotive electricians and no one can tell me what the problemis with it. Can anyone help!?

yes, just because the alternator is only months old does not indicate that it is a good one. Your battery drain is highly likely related to the alternator. If you replaced it with a remanufactured alternator, failure is very common. remove it and have it tested. Charge the battery fully before restarting the car with a new alternator. Have the battery tested also after charging. If these two check out ok. A mechanic can find the drain. It is very large drain if it kills the battery fast. Electrical problems can be a phenomenon. Rebuilt alternator can cause a distraction to diagnosis. I have experience with that. Just curious, where did you get the alternator?