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Battery in Lexus

Took my SUV in to the dealership for the major service, timing belt etc. Went to pick it up and car wouldn’t start…clicking of solenoids as battery too weak to start the car. Service rep showed me the paperwork from when they tested the battery that morning and it checked out OK, suggested we come back the next day as they’d take a look. When leaving, I notice he tries to jump start it, it starts but then just stalls. Kind of odd, eh?

Next day go back, different service rep shows me a new battery test taken that morning showing that the battery failed. So in 24 hours I went from having a good battery to a bad battery, all while being serviced.

Service manager insisted that they didn’t do anything, it was just time and the battery was bad.

Am I nuts, or does this just not sound right?

How old is your battery?

Have they tested the charging system as well?