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Battery hooked up backwards 95 mustang base model

So I know nothing about cars but I know that I messed up but I don’t know just how bad I messed up . So I was working on my 95 mustang (base model) and I wasn’t looking but I hooked up the battery backwards and when I went to turn the key to acc the dome lights started flickering and the keyless lock system that was hooked up started ticking. I know I’m going to have to replace some things but I don’t know what can anybody help me? The battery was almost dead but it was a large battery that fits a 01 ford explorer. Please and thank you. Sorry about the confusing post

First of all, how long was it connected? Best case scenario, there are a few blown fuses. Worst case, you have a fried computer and multiple other components.

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Since you hooked a battery up that was practically dead backwards, who really knows what is messed up. Could be nothing since it wasn’t charged. Put a battery in it and see what happens. I seriously doubt anything’s gonna blow by installing a battery correctly. Put it in and start checking everything to see where you need to go. Make a list of things that don’t work, look at a wiring diagram for the common denominator. At least that’s what I’d do before I got too excited.


The battery was connected maybe for 2minutes .

Wiring diagram for the common denominator?

It only takes seconds to cause damage if jumper cables are connected the wrong way, I suggest checking all fuses first.

I apologize in advance because I know nothing about cars but how do I know if something happened to a fuze? They’re in the power distribution box right?

So the piece where it connects will be busted?

Yes, you can buy an assorted pack of fuses from walmart or an auto store, just make sure they are the right size. My accord has smaller fuses, there are several types. Take one with you to the store if you want.

Common denominator as in might have several things not working that get their power from one source. I think to worry about that at this stage is pointless. You have no idea if anything was hurt or not. You said you hooked up a practically dead battery backwards. You wont know until you either put in a good battery the correct way, or spend a whole bunch of time looking for fuses. I get paid 0.3 hours to install a battery in a Mustang. My boss would happily pay me that before I spent an hour looking for fuses which may or may not be blown.