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Battery dying

I only drive my 2007 Kia Sedona about once a week. (No,I’m not a little old lady, but I do have cats). Anyway, I keep having to replace my battery. Kia tells me the computer is draining the battery and I need to run the car at least 30 minutes a week. Sounds fishy to me. But if that’s true, is there a way to keep it charged? I’ve considered a trickle charger, but I’m disabled and am concerned about being able to disconnect and connect it. Any ideas?

How far do you drive when you take it out?

As for hooking it up, if you have a lighter socket that’s always hot, there are battery tenders that can plug into that.

How many batteries have you put in so far? How far and for how long are your trips?

Trickle charger is good and simple. About a day or two before your weekly trip put the charger on the battery. Plug it in the house line first and then black to black, red to red on the battery. When taking off the charger take the cables off the battery first than unplug it.

I only drive a mile or two.

Can you tell me more about using the liohter socket? That sounds very workable.

How far away is the ignition key from the vehicle as the vehicle sits?

If the vehicle uses a proximity key system for it’s security system, and the key is within 20 feet of the vehicle, the security module never goes to sleep. This then results in the battery being drawn down as the vehicle sits.


There are solar battery chargers that may help you out. The only provision is that your power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) is also powered when the car is turned off (oh, and you don’t park it in the dark).

Wagan 2017 Solar Car Battery Charger is but one example. (I hope the link works for you) They tend to run from $25 to $50 depending on who makes it, and where you buy it.

It’s a simple toss on the dash or seat unit that you just plug in.

Possibly an important note: I do not have one, so I can’t verify they actually work.

HTH (Hope This Helps)

Thanks. Solar won’t work because I park in the garage and even my driveway is shady.

A mile or two isn’t enough (although the 30 minutes recommended by the dealer is more than needed).

Sears model 71219 is an example of a battery tender that uses the lighter socket.

Thanks, all. I’ll make some changes .