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Battery drain

i have a 2001 chevy cavalier that has some kind of a short were it drains the battery the drain is 0.085 if you pull the clstr fuse its ok . onl draws 0.005 . what circuits are on this fuse?

You will need a wiring diagram. That fuse feeds the cluster and the BCM. The BCM controls a number of circuits that could be causing a draw.

At 85 mA, it’s not a short. It’s an electronic module that isn’t sleeping. You have to connect the current meter, close all the doors and not disturb the car for about thirty minutes before checking for load. If it’s still above 50 mA after a half hour, then some module is failing to sleep. It could be a fault in the module, or a fault with something it connects to.
It would take a 85 mA drain a while (at least a week) to drain the battery. If it’s going down faster than that, you are chasing the wrong problem.

thank you for the quick response i guess following your testing procedure shows .009amps not a problem, i guess i should use the car more often or leave on a battery tender .thank you alx559

thanks. alx559

Having a 9ma. draw is very good actually. So if that doesn’t change a good battery should be able to go over a month without starting the engine and still have a good reserve to start the engine.