Battery drain

I have a battery that is 2 weeks old and is being drained every 2 days. The battery & alternator have been checked and they are good. A battery drain test was done and the results were negative.

Any ideas of what to do next?

Well one or more tests were wrong.

I would suggest it was likely the dark drain test. Do you have a security or remote starter?

How many miles on your Chrysler IHS and year year?

check the radio because uve heard of the radio draining your battery

I do not have a remote starter and I don’t know what a security starter is so I probably don’t have that either!

67,000 miles and it is a 2001.

2 days before all of this began I had the back brake light replace (the one in the window). Any connection you think?

Perhaps it’s an intermittent issue and the drain test wasn’t done long enough to catch it.

After you have shut off your vehicle, at half hour intervals, sneak up on your vehicle and listen, and look, carefully at it. If you hear something running, try to determine what it is. Identify any lights which are on. Tell your mechanic the results.
Sometimes, a radiator cooling fans might come on (when the fan relay is defective), by themselves, hours after engine shut down.

that’s interesting and that makes sense where nothing else is!