Battery Drain in Range Rover

Have a 97 Range Rover which I love. Battery completely drains within 24 hours of not driving it. What I think is a good mechanic can’t find the problem. Has sequentially removed fuses and door locks have been replaced. Help!!

Electrical problems can often stump a very good mechanic. To be a good tech on electrical issues takes practice and a good solid knowledge on how electricity works.

The problem you are having shouldn’t be too hard to track down since the extra current draw seems fairly high from what you describe. Hopefully the tech is using a current meter in series with the battery lead to monitor the current. If all the fuse circuits have been checked then try removing the alternator leads and see if the current drops. This is an often overlooked item that can cause this kind of trouble. Normal current draw for most cars should be between 25 to 35 milliamps.

Will have the alternator leads checked out. Thanks!

The parasitic current draw may be caused from a module that fails to go to sleep. The problem with this is, when the negative battery cable is disconnected to connect a test light or an ammeter in series between the battery and cable, it forces any module that may be causing the current draw to go to sleep. Then when you test for the current draw, it’s not there.

There’s a new method for testing for a parasitic current draw on todays vehicles when modules are involved.