Battery drain Hazard lights?

I was about to head to an appointment but my door opener did not yield even a click. Yup no juice I tried my jump box but that did not have enough juice to start it. I was wondering if my solar charging device had gone awry when I realized I had a beep beep going on. My hazard lights were on.
My question: could Hazard light kept flashing for about 24 hours drain a year old battery? Or should I look else where?

I am trying to use my jump box to give it a trickle charge, enough to get it started with the jump box. Getting my exercise for the week just dragging it back and forth to recharge it. Do I have a chance for this to work ?

If my quick search results are correct, each bulb draws about 2 A, assuming they’re incandescent. If you have four bulbs on 50% of the time, that’s 4 Ah every hour, for a total of 48 Ah in 24 hours. Depending on the capacity of your battery, that’s anywhere from a significant portion of its capacity to all of it.


I would think it a possibility and start there. Had a ford with a random sticling brake light switch, it could kill the battery overnight.



Why were the hazard lights on?


The dumb azz owner must have hit the switch. (Me of course :roll_eyes:)

For what ever it is worth the specs are:

Cold Cranking Amperage: 640 A
Cranking Amperage: 800 A
Reserve Capacity: 100 min

Reserve is measured at 25A. 100 min = 1.7 hour
So 25A x 1.7H = ~42AH.

Even worse, it’s 96 amp hours in 24 hours!

Oops, I guess I was in too big of a hurry when writing that up!

So that would be about 1.75 Amps drawn over 24 hours. I have a clamp on Ammeter that I will measure the current with ( if I can get it working right, looks flakey now).
Going down to down to Advance Auto to pick up the battery, will get back…

BTW I gave lost the Reply button again using Pale Moon browser. Another Discourse problem.

Battery charged up good.
I have a reading of about 1/2 to 3/4 on and off. My meter is not made for such low currents so I will say it is in the ball park.

Not a good situation where the battery can get drained in a day with the flasher on. And it does not give a beep beep if one closes the door with it on.

Thanks All!!