Battery Corrosion Destroying Clutch

Has anyone else had experience with corrosion from the battery eating through clutch hoses?

Battery acid can eat through a lot. Why is your battery leaking?

I did not know it was until I lost my clutch and took it to be repaired.

I’d first address the battery leak. That acid can destroy a lot of stuff under the hood. Assess the damages, then fix the clutch.

Yes, leaking battery acid will eat through most any metal object and eventually ruin it. I expect it can damage plastic and rubber-type hoses too.

My Corolla had a problem with a leaking battery one time which I didn’t realize. The leak came from a tiny crack at the top of the battery, and there is a big wire bundle touching there which goes to various points throughout the engine. One day I noticed the radiator fan wouldn’t turn on. I figured this would be easy to fix. No way. After hours of testing various connectors and relays and temp sensors, it turned out the battery acid had slowly decanted over a period of months down the middle of that wire bundle causing no damage for several feet as the wires were all insulated. Until about 3 feet down that is, where the acid came to a wire splice, which the acid promptly ate. And disconnected the radiator fan. Getting to the splice was an adventure in patience, as the entire bundle was wrapped in what seemed like a mile of electrical tape. And re-soldering the splice was no easy trick either, as the wires involved in the splice were very thick, and to get the solder to melt into the new splice, I had to go to a specialty electrical store and buy this huge high wattage soldering iron.

No need to say what I did with that evil battery!

Check the charging voltage. The alternator may be overcharging the battery. Baking soda will neutralize the acid regardless of the cause, though.