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Battery cold cranking amperage

I am planning to replace the battery on my 2000 Accord. The OEM has a CCA of 450, but the replacement I’m looking at has a CCA of 640. Will this cause any problems?

Not at all. In the colder regions of the country drivers seek out the higher CCA’s. It just means it’s a stronger battery and will crank longer. As long as the battery has the right terminal configuration and fits in the battery holder you are good to go.

Batteries go up to 1000 CCA, one which I had in my Caprice V8 was a real monster. As mentioned, as long as the battery has the posts in the right place and fits the case, you can go as high as you want.

Do keep in mind that your owner’s manual has some lines as to how long you can crank your car if it won’t start properly, since you can overheat the starter motor.