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Battery/charging system Malibu 1998

Battery will charge with a 120VAC charger but barely charges with car charging system. Shortly after jumping the car it will restart but 1 hour later it will not start. Once battery is fully charged by 120VAC charger the runs for 4-7 days w/o charging. Car charging system will generate about 14 VDC (w/o engine on =12.5VDC). Eventually the battery runs down. Also, there maybe some electrical issues. The headlights come on at weird times; it seems to have a light sensor and reacts to shifter–some engineer got a little carried away.

I am not sure what to replace. Just does not make sense. Help please!

Have a starting/charging system test done complete with battery load test and parasitic draw test. Be sure to let all modules “time out” before you conclude you have a excessive draw (above 30 miliamps after “time out”)

Many auto part stores will check out the battery and charging system for free. While the test are not 100% accurate they are generally good and honest.

And for the headlights, try turning off the automatic headlight system, and just use the manual function. If this helps, you probably have a bad light sensor. If not, you have a bad headlight control module.