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Battery and tires


I have a honda civic 2003 68 k miles on it

back in december 24th 2008 i got a new battery exide.

The same thig is starting to happen again it cliks then it starts (this happen in 08 then it would not start at all)

But the battery tester says the battery is good so should i get a new battery?


BACK IN 08 i got new tires 70 k warrenty i only put 14k on the car and the tread is under 5 already im in pennsylvania is this normal the tire guy said they prorate it


Battery: was a load test done on the battery? If not, it should be done before any conclusions are made. If a new battery is indicated, the battery may have either a free replacement or prorated warranty to account for the early failure. You may also have some kind of excess current draw causing the battery to discharge prematurely, or some other issue.

Tires: Check with the tire dealer, but if the tires have a 70K mileage warranty, then the tire wear should be prorated for miles achieved as a tire adjustment for a new tire. The clinker here is that the mileage will count until the wear bars are achieved, so you will have to wait until the tread depth is approx 2/32ds. I would continue to drive on them and then take my receipts in to discuss with the tire dealer when they reach the worn out stage.

I had a battery fail in 10 months, on the other hand the battery in my 1993 Caprice is over 8 years old and going strong. I use a Battery Tender to keep the Caprice battery fully charged though.

How about some voltage numbers on the battery, 12.6V is fully charged and 11.9V is fully discharged. Less than 11V indicates a dead cell and the battery is trash.

If your driving consists mostly of short trips the battery won’t get recharged. Invest in an inexpensive charger or Battery Tender ( to keep the battery fully charged.

Tire life depends on one’s driving style. City driving with lots of braking and corners will wear out a tire quickly. Is the tire pressure checked and maintained to the door sticker value? If the tire dealer is willing to replace the tires on a prorated basis that may be your best bet.

Ed B.

This could be caused by worn solenoid contacts in the starter, you might want to have it checked.

My '03 Civic still has the original battery. Your problem may not be the battery at all.

My original tires only lasted 23K miles. Michelin replacements went over 50K and are still going.

Tire tread life differs greatly from tire to tire. What you bought in '08 are not good tires as far as tread life is concerned. If the tires are wearing evenly and the alignment of the car is OK then run these tires out and replace them with a different brand and model tire.

Tire wear is highly dependent on many things - and one of those things is the environs in which you drive. You say you are in PA - Pittsurgh area, perhaps? That area is notorious for poor tire wear - hardly a straight road, rough pavement, lots of hills.