BAT light puzzle

2004 Concord, 2.7, 145K. BAT light comes on when decelerating from 3000 rpm (as when passing another car). Stays on until engine is turned off for a few seconds and restarted. Alternator replaced, condition continues. Volt and amps repain in spec whether BAT light is on or off. Does anyone have a clue?

Sometimes the battery light will come on if there is a problem with the brake system. Good idea to have the brakes looked at.

Check the Powertrain control module for fault codes. That light inidates the PCM detected a problem with the charging system or ambient temperatue sensor.

Thanks for the suggestion Nevada. That was my thought as well. I’ll post back whenever I have a chance to have the dealer check the PCM.

I think the PCM also controls the alternator so the PCM or connection to it may be causing the problem.