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Baseball averages puzzler--500 AB in 1/2 season!

How did Bluto manage 500 at-bats in 1/2 season?? It is not mathematically impossible, but certainly VERY VERY VERY UNLIKELY based on the way the game is currently played. B-O-G-U-S (if we want to use “real world” situations).

Then just divide all the values by, say, 4. Same result.

Well, say he played in 81 games, half a season, and batted 4 times a game, that would be only 324 ABs. 5 ABs X 81 games is only 405. Not likely that he batted 500 times.

I got the statistics part, you could give hundreds of realistic examples baseball, but make it real!

Bronzini has had personal experience with this misuse of averages: When our company self-reported 1 defect in 4 units (75% good) for a month, then 1 defect in 50 (98% good) the next month, our customer said our yield was 87% for the period!! They insisted averaging 75% & 98% was a useful, valid stat. Very b-0-g-u-s!