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The Andy Letter

Dear Click and Clack,
I chuckled over the gentleman who wrote in asking about tea and barber chairs. I was more interested in the debate over “The Andy Standard” and the rating of Andy’s letter.

The gentleman who wrote in commenting on it and used Babe Ruth and Hank Arron and Roger Maris as examples was on to something.

Hank Arron and Roger Maris are, arguably, better baseball players but Babe Ruth is the standard by which all others are judged. “He may be good, but he’s no Babe Ruth” or “Clearly, he’s no Babe Ruth”
And in setting the standard he himself is above the rating.

I would suggest that Andy remain un-ranked and all who come after him are to be rated on “The Andy Scale”.

p.s. on a completely unrelated subject: Have you ever considered a guest co-host? You have one of the coolest “guy jobs” ever you should think about sharing. My husband would make an awesome choice.

"Have you ever considered a guest co-host? "

How could somebody be a guest of any kind on a program that consists solely of re-runs of old pre-recorded shows?

The Car Talk radio program has not had any new programming for…several years…and what you are reacting to could have been recorded as long as 17 or 18 years ago.

Isn’t that “could have been record as long as 37 years ago”?


Were Tom & Ray on a nationwide NPR hookup in 1977?
I don’t know the answer to that question.
All I know is that when I listen to episodes of Car Talk on Sirius/XM radio, they usually date back to the late '90s.

there is no way you can compare roger maris to babe ruth as a ball player.
hank aaron , maybe.

babe ruth was a top line pitcher early in his career with the red sox, as well as a hitter. he was a twenty game winner and helped the red sox win a world series with his arm and his bat, before they sold him to the Yankees. he was converted to just a hitter with new York, as they were loaded with pitchers, but the man could pitch. he was also a good right fielder with the Yankees and could throw you out if you tried to take an extra base. just because he had some extra girth some people, who don t know baseball, say he was just a batter.

he also had a long career. not sure how long because I m an oriole fan, but I think 20 yrs or more

roger maris was not even close. one good year does not a hero make.

now hank aaron can certainly be mentioned with the babe. he also got in his twenty good years and is a hero. but he never pitched in the series or won twenty games. I don t believe he ever pitched an inning. maybe in the 15 th inning one long night…

roger maris…sheesh…

…and how ;bout them O’s? :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a link to the actual original Andy Letter? Can you post it?

I heard it this morning for the first time listening to a pod cast. It is terrific.

Several weeks ago you gave a rather lengthy discussion why people should not use treadmills. As usual you both carried on about how crazy it was to use a treadmill when you could just walk to the gym and avoid its use all together. I sat in my car and listened to your reasons and just had to respond. I have used a treadmill for the last 20 years or so every place I have lived and let me explain some of the reasons why: I have never been chased by a mad dog, I have never been rained on, I have never been hit by a car, I have never tripped on a broken sidewalk, I have never been mugged, I have never slipped on ice, I have never been struck by lightning, I have never been splashed by a passing car,
I have never suffered sun stroke, I have never suffered from frost bite, I have never been asked to give money to a homeless person, the outside path to the gym is not air conditioned or heated, nor does it have a TV or music in the background, I have never been able to pick up a date while walking to the gym, and finally, I can’t listen to your show while avoiding all these hazards. Can you understand now, why I choose to use a treadmill? And I do enjoy your show. Respectfully submitted by Doug, Miami, Florida.