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Bar's Engine repair and Sea Foam

So, my 99 maxima still blows a little smoke and i’m pretty sure it is a head gasket issue, does anyone recommend Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair 2 part formula?

Also, cleaned off 250k of grime with Gunk and my have watered the injectors…I let it sit for a couple of days to dry after noticing knocking immediately after Gunking. I was going to add Sea Foam, any concerns there either?

Thanks for any input…

An additive may help a head gasket coolant leak in cases where the combustion chambers are not breached but I’m not a believer at all that any additive will help in cases where they are.

SeaFoam is a great product but I don’t see that SF is going to help much of anything here. If water is suspect then the spark plugs, wires, and so on need to be dried out.

Thanks for the input ok4450, I appreciate it. So, putting the stuff in cannot hurt but may not solve the problem…