Head Gasket

I have a 4 cylinder 1992 Honda Accord.

The engine leaks oil and antifreeze at the same time when driving or idling.

The antifreeze leaks from about the middle half of the engine and the oil leaks from under the engine.

Is this a head gasket issue and has anyone heard of Heal a Seal gasket head additive?

Do any of these products work?

Appreciate any help please!

No one can really tell you about the leaks without being able to inspect the vehicle.

Beyond coolant loss (which we already know you have) here are some signs of a bad head gasket:

  • white smoke out the exhaust well past the car’s warm up period (white smoke during warm up is normal)
  • sweet smelling exhaust.
  • problems with how the car runs.
  • signs of water/coolant in the oil (when is the last time the oil was changed? Look at the bottom of the oil cap and the oil on the dipstick. If it looks something like a chocolate mikshake, that is bad).
  • if in doubt mechanics have tests that can be used.

If it is a head gasket - On additives: If you have a car that you really want to keep on the road and run reliably etc. then you’d never want to try these fixes from a bottle. They can do more harm that good. But, if you don’t see a car as a long term keeper one might first educate themselves on all of the product options, and try one of these things to eke a few more miles out of a car. Some would say don’t waste your money at all. Personally, if the junk yard is the next stop anyway, I’d give it a whirl.

Where EXACTLY is the oil and antifreeze leaking.

It sounds like the Antifreeze is leaking from a freeze plug (middle half of engine). Since the head gasket is where the head meets the engine block (top of engine) the oil can’t be from there. Oil could be leaking from some other place and dripping down, thus making it look like it’s leaking from below. If it is leaking from below…check the filter…or pan gasket.

Hi Mike…The antifreeze is leaking on the left bottom side of the engine close to the front of vehicle.
The oil is dripping from above about the middle half of engine.
Any thoughts…Thanks much

This Could Be A Head Gasket Leak Of Both Oil And Coolant (They Both Pass Through A Head Gasket.).

But That’s not necessarily the source of the leaks. Is this the first instance you’ve noticed the oil leak. A car 17-18 years old usually has at least one or two places it’s leaking oil. This could have been going on for some time.

The coolant could be coming from a water pump that went belly-up, a hose, coolant recovery system, etcetera, etcetera.

The two leaks may or may not be related. The oil leak may not be of major concern if that’s the case, although it has to monitored and topped-off frequently. A coolant leak is, though.

We can’t fix it over your PC. Take it to a competent mechanic right away and have it properly evaluated. I wouldn’t go dumping anything until then and I’d do it right away before you blow it up.

Thanks Mike: I will be taking it to a garage today!!

6Liter, Let Us Know What They Find And Recommend.