Barn Find Of the Century

Found this in a Barn. Not one but TWO 4x8 sheets of OSB.


Nice is that 1/2 inch?

Guess that OSB will be heading to Barrett Jackson…


I tried ten :crazy_face:, but it blocked that.

Former co-worker’s been building a house from wood harvested off his land and milled on site, had to buy a few pieces of lumber for some of it and was shocked at the cost. The 2nd home they’ve built as the first uses a 24ft trailer frame as the foundation.

I guy down the road from where I grew up in NY built his own Log Cabin from trees he cut down on his property. Stored properly in a barn for almost a year. This was no ordinary log cabin. A little over 5,000 sq/ft 4 bedrooms and 4 baths on one level with a center section that was 20’ high. Took him and his 2 sons a little over a year.

Are the kin folk telling you to move to Beverly? HIlls, that is!

I’ve got a half sheet of 3/4 oak ply in the garage that I’m keeping for a rainy day to supplement my retirement. Now is not a good time for building projects. Best to wait a year for production to resume again.

Tell me about it…I’m in the middle of a construction project. Oh well.

The idea for the 1st house was to build it while having no debt other than paying their share of utility costs to the friend who let them live on the property. They got the exterior paneling done before winter and have been working on the finishing touches.