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Banks IQ Monitoring System

I was wondering if anyone is using the Banks IQ and if they have

any info on it.

There is actually an interesting discussion involving Banks IQ occurring on this site at

Well worth reading.

Yes, I posted that. I wanted to get more specific info on the system to see if anyone had the problem of using level one which is just for monitoring temps and the system changing the settings and causing damage.

Hundreds of Ford engineers have spent YEARS developing the power-train the the control system installed in your truck. After extensive testing, they gave it a generous warranty. Somewhere in the fine print of that warranty, it says please leave everything alone and use only approved parts and lubricants. “Modifying the engine or it’s control system will void this warranty.”

Ford and probably Banks too, has more lawyers than you do. This engine is on you…

Also, only a few of Amsoil’s products are API Certified…If you were using their “Premium” 7500 series motor oil, that product is NOT API certified and you just handed Ford another reason to void your warranty…

You need to post this on a diesel forum, you’ll likely not find a soul here who’s done this.

It flat doesn’t matter what anyone else has done.

You heavily modified the truck.
A warranty on any manufactured good is void if the item is modified.
Case closed.

Excellent catch by Caddyman about the non-API certification. Check your owners manual and you will likely find that API certified oil is required to maintain the warranty.

I too want to compliment Caddyman on that catch.

I also want to say that if you want years of trouble free operation from any vehicle you have to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow them. People that modify vehicles or use fluids or parts not recommended by the vehicle manufacturer have to accept any associated risks, including total destruction of the engine. You play, you pay.

Sorry, but that’s the way real life works. You have just paid for the cost of an education.

I took a quick look at the owners manuals for a couple of Ford products I own and both specify Ford spec or API Super Premium engine oil.

Most of us recommend against aftermarket modifications like the ones you have done on this vehicle, so I seriously doubt you will find anyone here who has any experience using this kind of system.