Ball joint tip on lower control arms touching rotor!

Phew great, thanks bud!

too late now. would have been nice to lay both parts side by side and take a pic of area that is causing issue. your post said the rubber part was thicker? usually rubber rubbing on something will not cause a grinding sound. only metal

That part was thicker in the new control arm. They look the same if you lay them down side by side, except for this part.

I know you’re talking about the bushing . . .

But please explain “thicker”

The rubber part of it was thicker?

Or the metal sleeve was too tall, or too wide?

That is the problem with some aftermarket parts. They’re reverse engineered, and not very well, at that. I suppose it might not matter for a taillamp. At least it won’t affect the handling. But a suspension part has to fit correctly.

The red circle is not ball joint. The blue cap is.