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Ball joint repair

Rcently had ball joints replaced, Noises stopped for a time, but gradually returned making the same loud noise each time steering wheel is moved
while driving.
So, question
what causes ball joint trouble in vehicles?
Time span was about 2 weeks.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Uneasy Rider

Replacement ball joints usually come with grease fittings. If the ball joint was replaced but not packed with grease it can start making noise.


Or is it possible that the problem wasn’t with the ball joint but possibly the strut itself or the upper strut mount? The ball joints I’ve had wear would clunk going over a bump. Every time you turn the wheel, the struts turn in the strut mount. These mounts wear and can cause a noise when turning or going over a bump.

On a Grand Marquis, it could be a tie rod end, also.

What kind of noise are you hearing?