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Bad starter?

I have a 1996 suburban 5.0L,LT,2WD. It started rough like an ugly cough and a grinding sound before it turned. Today it coughed and grind again. Now it won’t even turn, I just get a whizzing, whinning sound. Did the started go bad? Can someone please enlighten me. Thanks

When you turn the key the starter just whines and does not crank the engine?

The starter may have a worn Bendix gear (possibly stripped) OR the ring gear may have teeth missing and won’t allow the starter to engage.

I’ll second Roadrunner on this.

Yes, it just whines now and the engine does not crank. Does this possibly mean i’ll have to replace the starter if this is the case?

When you take the starter off, examine the drive gear for, and examine the big gear inside the engine. Turn the engine by hand, and examine all the gear teeth on the big engine gear.

Agree; I had such a problem years ago, and ended up with a new starter AND a new flywheel to get the right mesh.