Bad Oil Change

Well, it finally happened to me. I had my oil changed at a tire store and they forgot to add the oil back in. After three blocks my Blazer died. They came and put the oil in started the Blazer and said 'it runs, its fine". The shop Manager says my Blazer sensed something was wrong and turned the car off before damage was done. Of course they refuse to rebuild the motor. My question is; Does my car have a switch that turns the car off when no oil is present? This is a 1996 Chevy Blazer. The Blazer is now dying, metal in the filter, lost compression, no power.

They’re simply trying to dismiss you for now. This is standard procedure.
They forgot to add the oil so the engine is damaged goods as any oil film on the crankshaft will disentegrate very quickly. The bearing overlay will be wiped out and even if it apparently ran fine at the time it was on borrowed time.

Way back when some GM vehicles used to have a double action oil pressure switch that would cut the fuel pump off if oil pressure was lost. I’m about 99.99% certain that your particular model does not use this feature; which as far as I know was discontinued a long time ago.

They’re trying to brush you off and you may have to really push this issue. They left the oil out so they owe you and I would not allow them to be the ones to get involved in any engine repair or replacement other than pay for it. Period.

Sure, they’re trying to dismiss you, as they don’t want to have to eat their mistake. I’m not sure which “tire store” you had your oil changed at, but if it’s a chain store (especially one that was involved with a big tire recalls in recent years), call their customer service hotline and report what happened with as much detail as possible. They will take care of this situation for you. It was their mistake, not a failed part or something like that. An “oil out” is not taken lightly. Either way, speak to the manager, and drive home the seriousness of their mistake and the fact that it’s not YOUR fault that they messed up. If you go in for service and it’s only half done (since they didn’t put the oil back IN!), and your vehicle’s severely damaged in the process, they’re totally responsible for that. Good luck!

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Do not take no for an answer!Write everything down time,date and name. Keep going up the ladder. Call back every day if needed.

I understand the business model for these quick oil change places assumes the majority of mistreated customers like you will get worn down fighting them and will simply go away.

Didn’t you notice the red ‘OIL’ light on? I just had to ask. I change my own oil, and always look for the light to go off within 2 seconds when I first start it up to insure the oil is pumping up properly, and not leaking. 3 blocks is far enough to cook the h-e-double-toothpicks out of your bearings.

Question: What’s Half An Oil-Change Worth?

Answer: One half, nothing. The other half, the cost to restore the vehicle to at least the condition it was in previously.

Do a little homework. I would maybe get a couple of estimates for an engine. Also, it seems like you should be compensated for loss of use. I would check the upper limit for small claims court in your location just in case nothing else works.

When they did the second half of the change on the road, were they under the car or did they have to put the plug in, first? Did you see how many quarts of oil they added? Did you have a winess to all of this? I would write all that down, too.

What about that oil light, I’m just curious, too. I guess one chould reasonably assume that both halves of the oil-change were done during the procedure at the shop.

Just wondering,…you say: “Well, it finally happened to me.” Is this car a “cream-puff” or a “sled?” Was this a case of murder or euthanasia or assisted suicide? You didn’t create some kind of diversion in the middle of the oil-change, did you? (just kidding, sorry)

No, the blazer does not have a switch that turns off the engine if there is no oil, but it DOES have an oil pressure warning light that should have been glowing bright red for the three blocks you drove. How did you manage to miss that?

There are two reasons the engine is shot. One is that the tire store didn’t put oil in it, and the other is that you ignored the warning light. They still owe you an engine, though.