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Bad luck or bad mechanic?

Less than 1000 miles ago I had a front ball joint replaced ('97 4wd Blazer). This week, the front antisway bar ends were loose and drooping down to the ground. Coincidence? Or did mechanic have to detach the antisway bar ends to repair the ball joint and not reattach them properly? Or …?

I think you have him here,he probably could protest how he didn’t need to touch the sway bar links,is he?

I have seen some really good mechanics forget things so I would not come down so hard,of course you are free to move on. Any damages?

Without seeing the vehicle it could be negligence or it may not be.
You use the singular “ball joint” and refer to plural “bar ends”.
The mechanic should not have to take both ends loose to replace one ball joint.

Worn ball joints can often lead to other damaged suspension components so it’s possible the sway bar end links were worn/beaten to death anyway and decided to just give up.