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Bad Information

After looking at this site I realized that I was given some bad information. I loaned my car to a friend for a week. When I got it back there was food and other stuff wasted in my car. Recently I’ve noticed that there are a lot of roaches in my car. I asked a friend of mine how to get rid of it. He went to a store and ask the sales people. They said that we should put a fogger in the car. I have done that twice. My daughter told me about this site and I just read that I should have not done that. Can somebody tell me how to clean my car to get rid of the toxins from the fogger. PS. I still have roaches in my car…what to do? PLEASE HELP!!!

You should have the interior of the car including the upholstery thoroughly cleaned by a professional to remove as much of the fogger residue as possible.

Baits or boric acid seem to be the way to go. Nothing it appears kills the eggs. You may have to stay with it for a couple of months.

From the university of Kentucky.

Interestingly this has been discussed before in the forum.

Most foggers use carbal which will break down in about two weeks. Carbal is the main ingredient in Seven dust.

As for roach control, follow MTraveler’s advice. Add a IGR for roaches and fleas and it will work more effectively, but that is quite a bit more expensive. Google “Gencor”.