Bad gas happened to bp

Sure bad gas is a suspected problem sometimes, here it is the case, but the thing that gets me wondering is it was the 87 octane, but in some cases effected mid and premium grades, WHY// Because why?

The contaminated gasoline was apparently sold at other retail outlets. A small quantity of premium and mid-grade fuel trucked to the Milwaukee area and sold between late Monday, August 20, and early Tuesday, August 21), has also been recalled, Dean told ABC7

It’s a little strange coming from that area. Marathon had a problem with their gasoline back in March and it was more widespread than reported. It made it as far as the southeast. The gas had too much ethanol.

I haven’t bought BP gas in over five years since I heard about other people having trouble on the road with BP. I understand a lot of it comes from the same place but I just don’t trust them. I think the Kentucky issue was different than the Chicago issue though.

Just a little rant but in this day and age of international internet, I wish news media would be a little more descriptive on where they are reporting from. At least the state and part of the state if not the city anyway. I’m 400 miles away but happen to know where Crown Point is but had never heard of Kentuciana or the counties involved. Its really nice driving through Indiana in the winter time and hear on the radio about an ice storm but they never say where except the stupid counties. I mean really, how many of you would know where Blue Earth county is in Minnesota? OK, rant over. I feel better now.

50K gallons is about 6 tankwagons full…A drop in the bucket…A single high-volume station sells at least 10,000 gallons a day…

Well according to the reports there were a few extra gallons than just 50k. As you would expect from a source tank well over 200k.

An incident such as this make me wonder about something I have had on a rear burner in my mind. Do petroleum vendors reliably put the needed replacement lubricant in diesel fuel after the natural lubricity needed for diesel injection pumps and injectors is removed during the process to make ultra low sulfur diesel? Omitting this lubricant could shorten an injection pump’s lifespan with minimal chance for detection to hold someone responsible.

ww,if I had an old style Diesel,I wouldnt count on it-Kevin