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Back to the 2000 volkswagen jetta question

i am still considering the 2000 mechanic has worked on it and says it is in great shape(he is selling it.and i find him very trustworthy).since this car is for an out of work relative…what kind of issues could he face down the road?we realize that older cars always have wear and tear.and european cars are more expensive to fix.could he get 3 or 4 years out of it?the recent advice we received here was for us to buy an older american car.but we do not have a great deal of time to look around.thank you for your help.steve

Unless you are able to get a super deal on the car and it has no current issues I would say pass on it and get a good Japanese or American car. The Jettas are prone to more than normal troubles as they get older in my opinion. Do a search on Jettas here and see what you think. If you decide to pursue the deal I would want to know what major things have been done to the car already.

thank you for responding to our question.i just posted another one about leasing a car.if we decide to consider purchasing the jetta…i will ask alot of questions…thank you again,steve

Jettas (built in Puebla, Mexico) have a significantly shorter design life than good US or Japanese cars. Germans get rid of them (German built) when the warranty expires, and many end up in Africa.

I would pass up on this one unless the driver is a professional mechanic and can get parts at wholesale while doing the work himself.