2000 VW Bora/Jetta Issues?

I am looking into buying a 2000 VW Jetta (it says “Bora” on the back, apparently it’s the same thing) and it has 120,000 miles. I’m curious as to what problems are common in the 2000 model, and whether they are high maintenance?

Yes, at 120,000 miles it starts. This is the mileage at which a German will have long parted with the car, and it might be on its way to some poor African country with no car industry.

Even if the car was perfect, it would still cost more to keep running than an American, Korean or Japanese car.

If you really want a Jetta, insist on all the maintenance records, have a mechanic check it out completely, and if everything is OK, budget $1500+ per year minimum to keep it running. Volkswagens have to be maintained by the book, and they need special oil as well.

I’m just trying to prepare you for what you are in for. The person who is selling it knows what he is doing. The only place I have ever seen Bora on the trunk is in Europe. I would check out if this is a car brought back by an expatriate American. Or it might be brought in from Mexico.

You do want to make sure the timing belt is not past due for replacement. VW’s like all cars require maintenance and without proper maintenance they are going to be very expensive to own. There is no reason that it will not go another 120,000 miles with little more than scheduled maintenance.

 Likely it will cost a little more than a US car for maintenance, but not enough to worry me.  

  The Bora is just one of many names used for various Jetta versions including Atlantic, City Jetta, Fox, GLI, Sagitar, or Vento. 

 I don't know of any special problems with the 2000 models.

Is this in the US? A “Bora” was never sold here (probably came from Mexico, which has different vehicle regulations), there might be some licensing title issues. This also makes me wonder about the cars real history…how’d it end up here?