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Back and knee problems

I have back problems and would like to know which car is the most comfortable in ride and is eazy to get in to drive. I would like a car that looks cool, and fun to drive. I drive a 1996 Chevy Tahoe now, but the new Tahoes are not as comfortable as my 1996. Please help my poor back.

Cars with upright seating, I feel give you more options for seating positions, entering and leaving. Ford offers a active motion device in some models for backs…

2005 Ford E-150 cargo van was the most comfortable seat I have ever had. 72 Cadillacs aren’t made any more. Get the cruise control because the latch on the engine cowling bothered my right foot after about sixty miles.

I know someone with back problems and another with knee problems and they both found the Honda CR-V to be easy to get into and out of. Other small SUVs might work as well. You probably want one with power seats so that you can raise or lower the seat to suit you. You should be able to just slide in and out. Leather seats would help your slide.