Baby Mirrors

I’m getting ready for a cross country trip with just me and my one-year-old, so you already know that I need your help. I’m planning to stop periodically, but if he’s sleeping, I want to be able to keep going as long as possible. He tends to wake up if the car comes to a stop, so getting out to check is not really an option. The car seat is in the middle of my 2012 Camry back seat and is rear-facing.

Is it safe to use one of those baby mirrors that mount in the back window (or on the back headrests?) of the car, and if so, do you have any tips for where and how to position them?

Yes, install all the mirrors you want. In fact , that would be safer because you could catch a glimps in many a head position and not have to distract your driving to get the perfect view in just one mirror.

If you can find a battery video baby monitor you may be able to adapt it in the car for this trip.

My wife and I bought two baby mirrors. One was kinda large and fastened to the headrest of the back seat. The other was smaller with an extension arm and a suction cup to mount to the windshield. The smaller one was aimed to look at the large one that allowed us to see our son from the driver’s seat without interfering with the rear view mirror. Worked like a charm up to the point where he was old enough for a forward facing seat. We used baby mirrors that were made safe for cars using acrylic instead of glass.

Can you get one that mounts to the head rest above the arm rest in the back seat? Then you could occasionally adjust your inside rear view mirror down to see him in the rear seat mirror. Here’s one that might work. Web search for “car baby mirror reviews” and see what else shows up.

“I’m getting ready for a cross country trip with just me and my one-year-old, so you already know that I need your help.”

Thats nothing. EAsy trip. Wait till he’s 6 years old.

I’m bored…10 minutes into the drive!!!

I’m hungry

Are we there yet

I need to go potty

THe Baby is lookin at me!!!

Are we there yet

I’m cold

Are we there yet


@Yosemite nailed it.

Believe me, if a one year old wakes up and needs something, he’ll tell you about it. Not in so many words, but he will let you know.

Remember when we used to go EVERYWHERE in cars with no seatbelts, much less sturdy car seats? How on earth did we survive to adulthood?

I barely remember it. My parents used to tell me that I was sitting on the front seat next to my father. We went around a turn, the passenger side door opened up, and I started to roll towards it. My father grabbed my arm before I could fall out. I was too young to remember it, even as a young child; probably around 2. Seat belts didn’t really get popular until the 1970s. I recall an acquaintance saying the he never wore a seat belt because they were for sissies. We told him he was nuts and put ours on.

Yeah we used to lay up on the back window ledge. Use all the mirrors you want and don’t let the fear mongers tell you otherwise.

Just don’t get preoccupied with the mirrors and ignore the road in front of you. Don’t take offense. I don’t know you and only offer this advice to help you and your child remain safe.

@Bing; I remember laying on the rear windowdeck too, or curled up on the floor.
No seat belts, and four kids crammed across the back seat.
Or you’d sit next to dad and he’d let you shift the 3 on the tree.