B1905 short in p/t right hand circuit 2012 Scion tC

wondering what this code is and what to do next? accident was on the driver side only steering wheel and knee air bag deployed there. nothing on passenger side. module was also reset and this code is persisting

The code indicates an error in the air bag crash sensor.


B1905; Short in left seat belt pretensioner squib. The drivers seat belt pretensioner has deployed, the seat belt must be replaced.

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It’s saying passenger side

It? This is from Toyota’s diagnostic procedure;



Short in Front Pretensioner Squib LH Circuit

  • The center airbag sensor detects a line short circuit signal 5 times in the front pretensioner squib LH circuit during the primary check.

“LH” is left hand. Since the drivers airbag was deployed it makes sense that the drivers seat belt pretensioner has also been deployed.

For your car B1900 is for the passenger beat belt. If you search these faults you will find that most Toyotas are B1900 for the drivers side, B1905 for the passenger, can’t explain why yours is the opposite.