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Axle rod

I have a 2000 Buick Le Sabre and the car shakes when I step on the gas about 356mph and up. The steering wheel doesn’t shake at all. I had my tires re-balanced twice but didn’t work. Now a mechanic is telling me it might be the axle rod. How much will this cost? and is it a big job? Thanks for any help someone can give me.

Axle rod? Oy vey.
I think the fact that you’re driving 356 MPH might be a factor. Try keeping it under 200.

Sometimes the tires belts separate internally. You can see it when the tire is spinning on the machine, the tread will move back and forth. Rotating the tires will tell you if it is a tire problem or not.

okay, I took my car to another mechanic and he said it is probably the axle but he didn’t have the machine. So, he sent me to another mechanic he knew who did this work. And that mechanic told me it was both axles and a tie rod. So, it has been fixed and I am picking up today. Hopefully, this was it and all is fixed!

That is great news. I sincerely hope that the problem has been fixed.
Now, please stop driving over 300 mph!