Axle repair issues

Jiffy lube bent my front driver side axle on my kia optima about two weeks ago, then replaced it. A couple days after getting it replaced, my car started making a horrible scraping sound when I turn sharply right. What could be causing this? Did they not fix it properly? Am I safe to be driving around?

Ask Jiffy Lube first and see what they say . How did they bend an axle ?

Started with a tire rotation, they stripped a stud. And when trying to fix the stud, they bent they axle. I just don’t trust them to try and fix it anymore. They can’t seem to get it right. And when I called jiffy lube, he said he’ll take a look at it. But I’m kind of skeptical

I share your skepticism for taking it back to Jiffy Lube. There are a couple of things to check in the meantime:

a. With the wheel turned fully to the right (stationary car), do a visual inspection in the wheel well (both sides, unless it is clear to you that the sound is coming from one side) to ensure that they didn’t leave anything loose (like a fender liner, or a brake hose clamp etc.) that is fouling with the wheel. A flashlight would help while doing this inspection.

b. If you have access to a jack and can safely jack up the car, try the drivers side first (because that was the one repaired). Turn the steering wheel completely to the right, and then rotate the wheel with your hand (wear a glove if possible). See if you can replicate the scraping sound.

Before this problem is sorted out, I’d avoid highways. Usually a back CV joint/axle makes a clicking noise and not a scraping noise, but I’d still be wary/cautious.

Inspect the plastic fender liner at its front radius looking for an indication that the tire is rubbing when the wheel is steered fully to the right. But better yet have a certified mechanic inspect everything under the front end just for the peace of mind.

As with any repair’s involving the front end have the alingment checked. Also never trust jiffy lube.

For ANYthing. I wouldn’t let them wash my windows let alone change my oil!


I would not be confidant that the axle and the stud were all they messed up. I have replaced a few studs and I can’t see how anyone could bend an axle doing that. Are you sure they didn’t drop your car off a lift or drive it into the pit?

And, I would like the OP to inform us as to WHO replaced the axle shaft.
NOBODY at a Jerky Lube is a qualified mechanic, and they are barely able to perform maintenance without damaging someone’s vehicle–as the OP has learned.

I really hope that JL sent the OP to an actual mechanic’s shop for that repair.
Please don’t tell us that JL attempted to repair his vehicle!


I just dropped my car off at another mechanic, and told them what happened. So just waiting to see what they find. And jiffy lube bent the axel because for some reason the guy thought he had to take off the hub. And some how bent it in the process. They towed my car to a bigger jiffy lube location where supposedly they had a certified mechanic to fix it.
I’m having this other mechanic shop make a list of what is wrong and if jiffy lube did mess up. Then taking my car to jiffy lube tomorrow, have them look at it and see what they say, and present them with whatever information I get today. I guess by jiffy lube replacing the axle. It’s under their warranty, which sucks. I really hate having to take it back to such an incompetent place.


Does JL actually have any sort of warranty?
I could well be wrong, but somehow, I doubt if they warranty the work of their poorly/barely trained employees.

Yeah, the manager said it’s under warranty since they paid for the replacement axle

I got directions from a guy at JiffyLube once. They got me where I was going.

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Unless you have that warranty in writing, it has no legal status, sad to say…

There’s what they did. Didn’t even replace it like they said, mechanic said they put me in danger. Gonna have to call a lawyer

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Has it been fixed? The most you.'ll probably get is the repair cost and cost of initial service at JL back. If it was me, before I spent any money on a lawyer, I’d demand they pay both bills back to me. If they agree, great. If not, tell them you’re going to retain legal representation…see you in court.

Not yet, the manager gave me the district managers number. He didn’t pick up, so I left a voicemail. I’ll call him again tomorrow and stop by jiffy lube with the paperwork I just got, and tell them.

I wouldn’t let them touch it again. They’re going to want to try, to cover up the mess they made. I’d get it fixed somewhere else and then look to be compensated by JL. Kick it up the chain there if they ignore or deny you…gl

Wow, Jiffy Lube to AAMCO, his next stop has to be Pep Boys!:sunglasses: