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Awwwwwww! gm diesel!

have a 94 chevy sub. 3/4 ton with 6.5L is the history before question.

I bought this thing in feb of 08 when i go to pick it up they tell me it wouldnt run,they change some parts i dont know but 3hrs later it ran good. 3 months later it was having problems dying,hard to start(,had codes of fuel too hot,fuel too cold,no crank ref,no cam ref.) I unpluged a plug in to the optical fuel temp sesor(on top of injector pump)i relocate the NEW PMD(pump mounted driver with cooler)

SO in aug. i have optical fuel temp sensor, new oil pressure sending unit that also runs the lift pump.3months later we are back to square one. the new parts for this truck is = new PMD with cooler, new Lift pump New optical fuel sensor, new oil pressure sender new glow plugs. Now when i need to start the truck on a cold start i plug in the optical harness start it let it run till it dies ( runs from anywhere 5-30 mins random) then unplug harness then restart.NOW my Question

HOW or What do i need to do to get my truck to start and run like it is suppose too with out getting in to thousands of dollars? It has me and my DAD ( A retired GM engineer ) cursing and pulling hair out on this different breed of diesel.

Thank You

Brian Rasmussen

Sorry for the long story

You neglected to mention how many miles on this vehicle…Complicated electronics and truck engines, you know that’s never going to work…

What I can add is the guy at my GM dealer that worked on the diesels in those years was very busy,constant problems. I think we have identified a model that is truly deserving of the title “Lemon”

I don’t want to rub salt into your wound but what did the mechanic that inspected this truck before you bought it say about this type of vehicle?